Need to order in a vegetarian buffet for your family but you’re on a budget? You may want to consider the halal tingkat meal with Vegetarian Buffet Menu B by Bayfront Catering Services. Not only does it come with a wide variety of dishes that will spoil your friends and family, there’s enough to fill the stomachs of 9 happy people.

The halal tingkat meal with Vegetarian Buffet Menu B will undoubtedly be perfect for those who would want to give more than just take. It’s the wise choice to go for if you would like to offer ample choices to your family or guests, or if you’re just in it to impress your bosses at the company’s dinner. More importantly, all these come at a rather affordable price at $12.80 per head.

Plus, Bayfront Catering Services, being an MUIS halal-certified catering provider, is committed to delivering good quality food and great service to all our discerning customers. This means you can celebrate your special occasions and corporate events with us without having to worry about the food that is being served to your loved ones and important guests alike.

Feel free to get in touch with Bayfront Catering Services right now to order your choice of food today. You can either contact them at 9119 9333 or you can alternatively drop them an e-mail at sales@bayfrontfood.sg for more detailed weekly menu for lunch and dinner. Do also take note that delivery time for lunch is between 11am to 2pm while the delivery time for dinner is between 4pm to 8pm.

You can also find out more about Bayfront Catering Services on their informative and impartial blog posts as well. This way, you will be better informed about the food and services before making any decisions.


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