What is Tingkat in Singapore?

What is Tingkat in Singapore and who can I look for?

The big question is “What is Tingkat in Singapore and who can I look for?" You see, this question is posed because Singaporeans are a bunch of busy bees. We work non-stop round the clock and, as a result, we’re left with very little time to settle our meals. And even if we knock off work early or for some reason are forced to clear leave and have ample time on our hands, we end up asking ourselves, “What should I/we have for lunch/dinner?”

The answer always ends up being “anything” or “up to you”.

This often leads to frustration – frustration that we do not
need, especially after a long day at work, where you’re struggling to make
things work for your career.

Is there even a solution to this?

With the convenience of food delivery services such as GrabFood
and Food Panda, you can have the option of having food sent to your home. However,
the food that you’re ordering are often unhealthy and processed and having
those in a long run will do your health no good.

Cue the Tingkat delivery service.

What is Tingkat in Singapore and who can I look for?

Tingkat are cylindrical multi-layered tin cans that hold
food. Yes, the old school looking kind – the ones that hippy youngsters buy
just to display them on their shelves to make themselves look cool.

In reality, these Tingkat cans are used to hold food. In the
case of Bayfront Catering Services, the food and beverage company, like some others, does its
Tingkat delivery via microwavable food containers, allowing you to skip the
step of having to scoop out your food from the Tingkat cans.

However, not all are like this. There are some companies who
prefer to stick to traditional Tingkat-style delivery to save costs and also to
reduce waste.

What else does Bayfront Catering Services offer?

But whatever the case, one thing is for sure. Having Tingkat
delivery just means that you can enjoy your meal, be it lunch or dinner, on
time, every time. The best thing about the Tingkat service is it allows your
family to have a meal together.

For instance, Bayfront Catering Services delivers on-time doorstep delivery on weekdays only. This gives
customers the freedom of heading out for their meals with friends and families
on the weekends or on public holidays without having to commit to the Tingkat delivery.

Cost wise, different companies vary. As a benchmark,
Bayfront Catering Services charges about $320 for 20 days (which is a month) for 2 pax. You
get the option of choosing 3 dishes with 1 soup or 4 dishes. Rice is excluded
from the cost.

Thankfully, being an F&B company, Bayfront Catering Services also offers Certified
halal Tingkat in Singapore and healthy homemade food. The company knows that when
you serve your customers healthy food, you’re taking care of them.

How do I begin?

So the next time you ask “What is Tingkat in Singapore and who can I look for", you can visit the website and subscribe to its Tingkat delivery services. Also, as a new customer, you get to enjoy a 3-day trial. However, do take note that due to constraints from delivery arms, Bayfrontfood is unable to deliver to Jurong, Bukit Timah, Bukit Panjang, Bukit Batok, Queenstown, Tanah Merah, Geylang, Clementi, Novena, Central and CBD.

Nevertheless, if you’re not around these areas, give it a go. Alternatively,
you can contact the company at 9119 9333 or drop the friendly people an e-mail
at sales@bayfrontfood.sg.

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